The Prairie is a serene countryside sanctuary nestled on 46+ acres of lush green fields in Round Top, Texas – a mere 90 minutes away from Houston, Austin and San Antonio. An 1800’s farmhouse serves as the heart of the expansive healing space, which is encircled by comfortable residential cabins and panoramic views of the Hill Country.


At the forefront of our care approach at The Prairie is our partnership with patients, with whom we work collaboratively to illustrate that living in a new way, free from substances, is both possible and enjoyable. In addition to helping patients break free from substance use and/or co-occurring disorders, we hope to nourish patients’ mind, body and soul. We hold the belief that the entire families are impacted by addiction and mental health issues, and therefore the entire family deserves support during a patient’s healing journey. Our program is tailored to support and involve each patient’s family in the path toward recovery.


Treatment at The Prairie begins with an in-depth diagnostic evaluation, which may take the form of a digital screening and/or a 90-minute in-person appointment, or an intensive, multi-day clinical team assessment. Through this important step in our process, we work to understand both the challenges alongside the strengths and opportunities that surround every individual. With results in hand, The Prairie team works to craft an individual treatment plan with collaborative treatment goals to ensure long-term recovery.



The Prairie offers residential medical detoxification in which patients are supervised and supported 24/7 in an inviting, comfortable environment as their body adjusts to the removal of substances. Experienced clinicians make the process of withdrawal as painless as possible, helping to prepare the body and mind to engage effectively in ongoing treatment, which may include individual therapy and/or medication-assisted treatment.


We provide treatment using clinical frameworks that are built around stages of life, each with the goal of cultivating purpose, meaning and an understanding of one’s place in the world. Through curated experiences designed for Professionals and Young Adults, we work to illustrate that living in a new way, free from substances, is both possible and enjoyable.



Oftentimes, we find that the strain of professional life can lead to maladaptive behaviors, and that the same qualities that make a person a high-performing professional can be detrimental to the individual’s personal relationships. Through this track, individuals explore themselves in order to gain clarity on their identity, priorities and passions, and move from a mindset of success to significance.


Emerging adulthood is characterized by a coming of age, which can lead to excessive pressure and harmful coping strategies. In this track, we work with individuals to uncover their passion, harness it in meaningful ways and develop a plan for independence. Guided goal-setting, health and wellness education and financial literacy exercises play key roles in developing personal agency.


The Prairie takes a unique food as medicine approach helmed by Executive Chef Lance Fegen. He incorporates mindfulness, herbalism, buddhist, ayurvedic, and many other practices into his cooking, embracing the restorative power of food as it applies to the health of the planet, community, and individuals.

We hope to nourish the guests, the land, and the community, improve immune system functioning and overall brain health by utilizing nutritive and nootropic foods grown locally and on-site.


In addition to strong clinical care, our model utilizes licensed massage therapy, trauma-sensitive restorative yoga, “Active Recovery” coaching for fitness, and spa services tailored toward regaining confidence and caring for the self.


Our aim for every patient that comes through The Prairie is long-term success. We recognize that people need to return home to their daily activities, like work and school, and can’t be in an inpatient setting forever. To help sustain recovery, we connect patients with resources within our system of care for ongoing outpatient treatment to help sustain their recovery.
The Prairie Recovery Center has earned the Gold Seal Accreditation by The Joint Commission, having met the highest national standards for safety and quality of care during a voluntary, unannounced and thorough on-site review. The Gold Seal is an internationally recognized symbol of quality that accredits and certifies more than 22,000 healthcare programs worldwide, with the goal of improving healthcare by setting the highest standards throughout the world.

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