Ethos Behavioral Health Group promotes a culture of integrative, long-term healing throughout its multiple spaces in Texas and Illinois. The Ethos family of companies are designed to offer specialized and personalized mental health care for anything ranging from substance use disorders to mood and personality disorders. Our integrated system of care includes levels of care ranging from inpatient to outpatient treatment.


To provide an integrated continuum of clinical care to serve individuals and their families in achieving healing, and long-term wellness, from the devastating effects of addiction and mental health issues.


To create a new standard for patient care in the behavioral health industry through innovation and integrative practices.



Ethos has a people-first, principle-driven approach that puts patients and team-members above all else, always


we work collaboratively with patients to create meaningful connections that positively impact their lives. Throughout our system, the Ethos team partners across all levels of care to ensure long-term patient success


everything from the design of our spaces to our clinical programming is created with a specific intention


Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment

Through diagnostic assessment comprised of proven psychometric tools, we seek to understand both the challenges alongside the strengths and opportunities that surround every individual. Assessments may take the form of a digital screening, a 90-minute initial evaluation appointment at any one of our locations or an intensive, multi-day clinical team assessment. Following the initial assessment, the Ethos team works to craft a specific treatment plan with collaborative treatment goals to ensure long-term recovery.


Psychodynamically-Informed Care

  • We integrate a wide range of theories and techniques to inform a highly individualized approach to care
  • We focus on “here and now” observations to better understand the ways in which the past shapes the present
  • We seek to understand the causes and conditions that underlie symptoms, in order to create lasting change within patients
  • The relationship between the patient and their treatment team is integral to our approach to care. Our team fosters deep relationships with patients built around trust, mutual respect and loving-kindness

Diverse Therapy Modalities Integrative Approaches To Care

Throughout Ethos’ different entities, our practitioners specialize in delivering all types of evidence-based treatment approaches, including but not limited to:

  • Psychoanalytic Care
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing 
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Neurotherapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Career and Academic Coaching
  • Certified Sex Addiction Treatment
  • Certified Gottman
  • Couples Therapy


Treatment across Ethos Behavioral Health Group entities is divided into three phases. We view these milestones as cyclical versus linear processes.

  • Focused on the restoration of hope
  • Therapists and clients work together to develop meaningful and realistic goals along with pathways towards those goals, and a strong sense of personal agency
  • Centered around the total transformation of the self
  • Difficult experiences are transformed into meaningful insights to propel life forward and advance goals
  • Once people have established basic recovery from their presenting problems, learnings are integrated into in a longer-term process of treatment


Ethos Behavioral Health Group is unlike institutional treatment groups in that it was founded by individuals who are deeply passionate about patient care carried out with integrity. All of the founders are native Texans, with local roots and a global mindset.

The Ethos Behavioral Health Group story begins at Ethos Wellness – Lovett (formerly The Lovett Center) in 2014, with Robert Hilliker and Will Davis. As professionals and friends, the duo had the idea to provide centrally-located office spaces and administrative support tailored specifically to therapists’ needs. They opened Ethos Wellness – Lovett with this vision, and it immediately became clear that having 20+ therapists under one roof with different specialties naturally led to collaboration. Hilliker and Davis then focused their efforts on cultivating a space where therapists could collaborate to serve patients, both through traditional psychotherapy and a proprietary Intensive Outpatient Program.

As Ethos Wellness – Lovett grew, so did the desire to expand the levels of mental health care provided. They hoped to meet the demands of the community and, most importantly, see people through their recovery long-term. Ceci Hudson Torn, a master’s level clinical intern at the time, began working closely with Robert and Will to bring the picture to life. Her experience in mental health along with her long standing career in finance were a complement to Robert’s longstanding career in mental health and Will’s extensive background in business and real estate. Together, they created Ethos Behavioral Health Group with the goal of offering a continuum of integrated mental health care. In 2019, Ethos Behavioral Health Group founded The Prairie Recovery Center, acquired The PRISM Center and launched the Ethos Wellness concept. In 2020, all outpatient mental health offerings were consolidated under the Ethos Wellness brand. Today, Robert, Will and Ceci play an active role in the day to day treatment of patients and their families across all Ethos entities.

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