Thought Leadership Talk: Grief, the Mourning Process, and Depression: Clinical Implications

Virtual talk about grief, the mourning process, depression, and its clinical implications, presented by Dr. Nancy McWilliams.

Grief, the Mourning Process, and Depression: Clinical Implications

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About the Presentation:

In this complimentary virtual talk, Dr. McWilliams will differentiate conceptually between depression and mourning, distinguish between anaclitic and introjective depression, and shed light on the differences between depressive and self-defeating personality patterns. Secure your spot now!

About the Presenter:

Award-winning psychologist and psychoanalyst Nancy McWilliams, PhD, ABPP teaches at Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology and has a private practice in Lambertville, NJ. Dr. McWilliams has authored books on the topics of psychoanalytic diagnosis, case formulation, psychotherapy and supervision, and has edited or contributed to many others. Her book, “Psychoanalytic Diagnosis,” has become a standard text in many training programs for psychoanalysts, both in the United States and abroad. In addition to psychoanalytic psychotherapy and supervision, she specializes in the relationship between diagnosis and treatment; alternatives to DSM and ICD diagnostic conventions; integration of feminist theory and psychoanalytic knowledge; the application of psychoanalytic understanding to the problems of diverse clinical populations; altruism; narcissism; and trauma and dissociative disorders.



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