Thought Leadership Talk: Mary Poppins as a Group Therapist: Creating Your Practically-Perfect Group Practice


Friday, November 4, 2022
12:00-1:00PM: Presentation
1:00-1:30PM: Q&A
CST via Zoom

Psychologist and Certified Group Psychotherapist Justin Hecht explores the role of a group therapist through the lens of the 1964 movie “Mary Poppins.”

About the Presentation:

In this virtual talk, Justin Hecht, Ph.D., CJA, CGP, AGPA-F will use the beloved musical “Mary Poppins” to explore the joyful, creative and synthetic role of a group therapist. As a certied Jungian analyst, Dr. Hecht has long been interested in applying Jungian concepts in groups in a way that is inspiring and helpful to his clients. As a Certified Group Psychotherapist and Fellow of the American Group Psychotherapy Association, Hecht has long been committed to teaching other group therapists (whether aspiring or seasoned) the magic of group therapy and the many benefits it has to offer to clients, therapists and the world at large. 

Participants should feel free to watch the 1964 movie “Mary Poppins” in preparation.

Following a 30-minute Q&A at the conclusion of this complimentary presentation, clinicians will have the option of earning 1 Continuing Education credit upon successful completion of a course evaluation.

About the Presenter:

Justin B. Hecht is a general psychologist, Jungian analyst and Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP) who provides individual, couples and group therapy to a wide variety of clients. With an extensive background working with anxiety disorders and stress reduction, Hecht applies a number of techniques in helping overcome depression, while his experience in business (Wharton MBA) helps him work particularly well with successful professionals seeking greater meaning and fulfillment. Hecht offers expertise in group psychotherapy, addressing problems in living, supporting a more vital and authentic approach to life, and providing clients with a supportive and engaged environment for personal growth.


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