To our team, our clients and the community,

 We want to state loudly and clearly that Ethos Behavioral Health Group is an ally in the long fight ahead for challenging systemic racism, police brutality and the abuse of power. 

Our primary task as mental health workers is to be aware and empowered witnesses; the maintenance of neutrality is thought to be a meaningful standard in our approach to behavioral health care. It allows for the therapist to be relatively value free, and makes space for whatever the patient brings to the experience. However, we believe that when considering the topics of racial injustice, systemic racism, police brutality and the abuse of power, we cannot be neutral, because to maintain neutrality is to become complicit.


  • We value the sanctity of black lives
  • We vehemently reject racism and injustice in any form 
  • We believe in treating all people with equality


  • To be mindful to not position ourselves as experts
  • To continue to learn 
  • To listen with open hearts and open minds
  • To amplify the voices of topic experts, sharing their messages of positive change, hope, and support
  • To continue to to battle systematic racism in our community, our organization and in our own lives

 How can we support you? We are listening.