Therapeutic Focus, A Virtual Talk


Friday, OCTOBER 21,, 2022
12:00-1:00PM: Presentation
1:00-1:30PM: Q&A
CST via Zoom

Psychologist Tori Olds, co-owner of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy, will explore two different types of focus: One to help us delve inward, and one stay steadfast in our goals.

About the Presentation:

There are two types of therapeutic focus that Tori Olds, Ph.D. has taken to calling “vertical” and “horizontal.” Vertical focus refers to the inward focus needed to observe one’s own mind in action and make new internal choices or shifts. Horizontal focus refers to the specificity of focus around things like goals, or “problems of focus,” or an area of clinical work that needs to remain in the center of attention long enough for actual work to happen. When we learn to hold vertical (or internal) focus, we avoid the pitfall of externalizing or staying on the surface. When we develop the skill of horizontal focus, we avoid the pitfall of meandering from topic to topic without clarity as to what is being accomplished.

In this complimentary virtual talk, Olds will discuss the difference between vertical and horizontal focus, how to facilitate them, and how to utilize them during therapy to foster transformational change.

Following a 30-minute Q&A at the conclusion of the presentation, clinicians will have the option of earning 1 Continuing Education credit upon successful completion of a course evaluation.

About the Presenter:

Psychologist Tori Olds, Ph.D. is a co-owner of Deep Eddy Psychotherapy in Austin, Texas, where she enjoys training, teaching and supervising over 20 clinicians, as well as holding training groups for therapists in her community with a focus on experiential methods. Her engaging, experiential therapeutic approach draws on mindfulness-based approaches like AEDP, PACT, and Somatic Experiencing. Olds is drawn to experiential therapy because of her belief that it is only through contacting the deepest parts of ourselves that the most profound transformations can occur. Learn more about her here