Addictive Disorders Within Family Firms and Affluent Professionals, a Virtual Talk

Friday, March 12, 2021
12:00-1:00 PM CST via Zoom

Family business consultant Elle Hansen will explore addictive behaviors in family business systems, as well as the interplay with treatment providers.

About the Presentation:

Family businesses and family systems with a large net worth often experience a higher rate of addiction than other individuals. As a family business consultant, Elle Hansen will discuss the underlying issues that lead to this increase as well as how to understand and manage addictive behaviors within these systems, how family business consultants work in cohesion with treatment centers and health professionals for the benefit of clients, and how this collaborative approach may inform and improve treatment outcomes for these individuals.

About the Presenter:

Elle Hansen is a family business consultant with rich experience in privately held domestic and international companies. As a senior consultant and managing partner for REGENERATION, her primary focus is helping clients establish best practices to prevent breakdowns and improve relationships inside family businesses. Elle specializes in family business systems, communication and governance, serving as the lead consultant for the development and training of emerging leaders and facilitating educational seminars across the country. Elle earned a degree in psychology from Cal State University with a minor in business administration.